Reflecting on the colonial subject.


While I was reflecting on the colonial subject, it is clear to me how story can change the way we think about ourself, our family, and of course, history in general. I realised that the culture of both the colonisers and the colonised inevitably intermingle which has resulted to the development of hybrid cultures. The interactions of the colonisers with other traditions, such as the transportation of goods during the colonial era up until now, likewise, the migration and inter-marriage of people from different culture is creating hybrid culture and identity. The lines between different cultures are becoming ever blurred — and indeed are indeed looking increasingly obsolete. All of this means that we are becoming ever hybridised ourselves. Hybridisation will always continue to determine the evolvement of our creativity. We are hybrid beings, destined for change, so sustaining identity in the Western environment is important for me despite the changes that occurs through my work.